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Brandon Simpson


Brandon, a coastal Maine native navigates the intricate tapestry of land and seascapes through the lens of vintage Polaroid cameras. Even with earning a degree in psychology, his true calling lies in capturing the innate beauty of his surroundings. Having spent most of his life as a chef, Brandon recently pivoted to pursue photography professionally, finding solace and inspiration in nature's embrace. Each click of his Polaroid becomes a meditative journey, anchoring him in the present, as he cherishes the precise moment captured in every image, a testament to the authenticity of his connection with the Maine landscape.


In my photographic exploration, I aim to encapsulate the profound connection I share with the natural beauty of Maine. This exhibition is a testament to the intimate moments of solitude within nature that evoke a sense of peace and renewal. Through the lens of vintage Polaroid cameras, I seek to convey the transformative power of these experiences, where energy is replenished, and fresh perspectives emerge. In the hustle of life, I find solace in the woods, and it's in those quiet walks where equilibrium is restored to both body and mind. This collection is a visual narrative of my love for Maine's landscapes and the transcendent moments that nature graciously offers, inviting viewers to share in the serenity and beauty that I find in the heart of the wilderness.

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