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Brandon Simpson


Brandon Simpson is from the MidCoast of Maine, where he currently resides. He attended the University of Southern Maine, earning a B.A. in psychology.  While working on a culinary career as a chef for the past two decades, photography has always remained a passion in his life.  It hasn’t been until recently he pivoted towards photography as a primary focus.  


Brandon enjoys Polaroid’s genuine form in how each photo is different from the next, as well as the relaxing simplicity in the mechanics and uniqueness each shot brings. It’s the immediate gratification and anticipation for the exposure that also keeps things interesting.  Spending most of his time in nature, Brandon finds his inspiration usually while out on a hike, kayaking or day trips around the coast.  Coastal landscapes in Maine are so captivating and ever-changing.  Matching that with shooting vintage analog cameras, welcomely brings Brandon closer to the natural beauty of Maine.

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