Continuing to work with chemically manipulating Polaroids has so far only come as a surprise. More times than not it’s because of a camera malfunction that turns into art. In this case I was finally trying SX70 film in my vintage land camera. The film jammed every time with no image being produced but some how I was able to pull the film out and then move the chemical mixture around with a tool to create these images. For another added effect I sprayed ammonia on to the film in between the layers. The three similarly styled ones remind me of sea coral which I thought was interesting to think about.

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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

I began experimenting with a new type of instant photography #Fujifilm has. The image is quite smaller than a Polaroid, though exceeding less expensive. I found the camera at a thrift shop and bought some monochrome film to give it a shot! I also dabbled with some chemical manipulations. The effects came out really interesting. I love the erie spitual tone of the trees silhouette mixed with the chemical colors. More to come of this medium!

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After shooting my first Polaroids, soon came the idea of what else I could do? Emulsions lifts seemed easy enough after research, something a novice like myself could do. The effects leave a textured abstract look, by separating the film using water submersion to lift the image off the photo material. If done right with care, some really interesting dimensional aspects could be created. Here’s some of my experiences with the method. It‘s a work in progress. Possibly a book of these coming soon!

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