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Figuring out correct double exposure effects is tricky with these occasional quirky vintage cameras. The accidental results seem to be the best case scenario, pleasantly so. I really enjoy studying the tree lines in their leaflessnes, cold and ragged conjoinment.

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Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Trying out various effects with #Polaroid led to introducing random chemical agents to react with developing 600 color film. By finely cutting and separating the film layers apart, I was able to access and apply directly on to the developing film chemicals.

This was all done immediately after shooting the film. I usually let the film sit exposed side down in a warm spot for a while after. I can’t wait to experiment with this more.

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When a fondness for photography blooms into something more...I've always had a love for creation and the nature around me. It only makes sense to put those things together in some cohesive fashion. I flourish when I am alone and surrounded by the wild. It energizes me and nourishes my soul. Through finding this new way of portraying my passion with polaroid film, I'm proud to say in this first post that I am finally making steps to share that with you.

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