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Recently showcased in this very cool Swiss publication!

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While on a kayak excursion through a system of unfamiliar ponds in Damariscotta, Maine, my polaroid camera in hand, I feel complete. Attempting to take shots consists of a few more variables to deal with, like trying to take a picture while floating over moving water and trying not to get anything wet. But it's that kind of extra energy for the shot that makes it such a unique and special experience. It's remerable. It's shots hidden to most eyes and sites probably never captured (especially with an old polaroid). I strive for the unique in many facets with in my life. I think these few photos exemplify such action. With only 8 captures per cartridge, if I get one the comes out ok, it's a win! For me it was the lily pads.

(Polaroid 600 limited edition Duochrome film)

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