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Photoshoot by the Sea

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

I had my first model shoot the other day. It was one of the best times ive had as a photographer. I was nervous, anxious, and excited all at once, which lead to a quite confused state of mind going into it. Yet once I began it all flowed too perfectly. The model was perfect and experienced, which helped me immensely. The timing and climate of the day couldn't have been better. The location being by the ocean in Maine, on a winter's day. Right when we hit the water on the rocks, it was as if nature had made our setting..ready and waiting. The tide was low, sun shining and a slight warmth in the air to make the project that much more tolerable. And the camera just kept on clicking from that point..It was over before i knew it. Usually there's a lot more time that goes by for me in between shots to "set it up". This was a very different experience in that sense. And that was part of the beauty of it. Every pose I needed to capture as she moved from place to place. I couldn't let anything pass by. It was all too precious of moments. What a thrill..Can't wait for the next time.

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