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The spherical mass peaks over

The haze fog-like clouds

Strawberry in hue

It travels through just to say hello

Only to hide once again

My skin feels The wind blow steady over the rocky cliffs

The air is clean

And I am content.

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Beginning as a pleasant walk about

Turning into oneself.

And found again

I took the path of least resistance

And kind to the eyes

Higher road with sunshine.

I thought I was in one direction

Though it turned to be another

I found myself back to the very place I diverted

Though not in the least how I thought.

An unexpected surprise in the end.

Sometimes it’s good to get a little lost before you find yourself again.

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Having time to get in my own skin


And see once again my sense of self

The feelings it carries,

emotions it gathers

Joy, if only for a brief moment

Things all around

remind me.

all I have to do is tap in

To whats always been there.

Hard to get to

But easy to find

It expands my field of view

And see my life

Body and soul

I feel it’s too often too narrow

A sad truth if a truth at all.

A richness in life is what I most desire.

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